Instant Cream of Maize

Discover the simple pleasure of our Instant Cream of Maize – original flavor, a nutritious and convenient choice for your breakfast routine. With its delightful taste and array of benefits, this complex carbohydrate instant cereal is the perfect fuel for your day ahead.

 Key Pointers:

 Easy & Convenient: Embrace the ease of starting your day with our Instant Cream of Maize. Simply prepare it in moments, and enjoy a nourishing breakfast without any hassle.

Complex Carbohydrate Instant Cereal: Elevate your nutrition with our complex carbohydrate instant cereal. It provides sustained, longer-lasting energy, keeping you energized throughout your busy day.

Low in Fat: Prioritize your health with our low-fat option. Our Instant Cream of Maize offers a wholesome breakfast without the added fats.

Sugar Free: Savor the original flavor without any added sugars. Our Instant Cream of Maize is entirely sugar-free, making it a healthier choice for your mornings.

Gluten & Wheat Free: Cater to various dietary needs with our gluten and wheat-free formula. Embrace the delicious taste without compromising your well-being.

Nutritional Properties & Benefits:

Sustained Longer Lasting Energy: Kickstart your day with lasting energy. Our Instant Cream of Maize provides complex carbohydrates, offering sustained energy levels, keeping you fueled and focused.

Regulates Blood Sugar: Maintain stable blood sugar levels with our low glycemic index Instant Cream of Maize. Avoid energy crashes and maintain balanced energy levels throughout the day.

Supports Brain Health: Feed your brain with the nutrients it craves. Our Instant Cream of Maize supports brain health, ensuring mental clarity and focus for your daily tasks.

Sugar-Free & Wheat-Free: Embrace a guilt-free breakfast without added sugars or wheat, aligning with your health-conscious lifestyle.

Low in Fat: Prioritize a low-fat option that supports your nutritional goals. Our Instant Cream of Maize offers a balanced breakfast without excess fats.

Elevate your mornings with the goodness of our Instant Cream of Maize – original flavor, your convenient and wholesome breakfast solution. Experience the pleasure of sustained energy, blood sugar regulation, and brain support with each delightful bite. Embrace simplicity – embrace the nourishment of our Instant Cream of Maize.


  • Add 40g of Powder to 200ml Boiling Water and stir well
  • Add sweetener & milk of choice (optional)

Explore the uncomplicated joy of our Original Flavor Instant Cream of Maize, a wholesome and convenient addition to your breakfast regimen. Bursting with delightful flavors and a range of nutritional benefits, this instant cereal, rich in complex carbohydrates, serves as the ideal energy source for your day.